Cancer retreatment

A second chance

Whether it’s recurrence, relapse, tumor return, or progression, having cancer come back in any of its forms is a challenging and emotional time for any person. 

About Us

A haven for both patients and health care experts has been created with the sole goal of being a haven for both patients and health care experts facing cancer that has come back.


Often times, when tumors come back, treatment with radiotherapy is a primary or supplemental part of care. However, this treatment is not uncommonly used for the initial tumor treatment and knowing how to safely deliver re-treatment with radiotherapy can be challenging. In the ReRTCalc™, CancerRetreatment offers a tool for care providers to evaluate what constraints might be used for radiotherapy re-treatment.

"Our innovative ReRTCalc™ empowers care providers to make informed decisions, ensuring the safe and effective use of radiotherapy in these challenging circumstances. Together, we can help patients reclaim their health and hope."

Eric Brooks, MD Founder

Frequency Asked Questions

Find instant answers to common inquires about cancer re-treatment, our resources, and how our platform works.

Contact Us is a comprehensive platform that offers resources for planning cancer re-treatment and salvage therapies. We provide an innovative treatment planning algorithm for healthcare providers and serve as an information hub for patients and their loved ones.

Our platform is designed for healthcare providers planning cancer re-treatment and patients, along with their families and loved ones, who are seeking information and support regarding re-irradiation and salvage therapy options.

Our innovative algorithm helps doctors create tailored re-treatment plans based on a range of factors, including the patient’s medical history, type of cancer, and previous treatment details.

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